Parent Empowerment Program (PEP)

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Empowering loving parents to equip and educate their children for life

Empowered Parents:

  • recognize their personal worth and value as part of a much larger community
  • take full ownership of their parenting responsibilities
  • provide a loving and nurturing environment for their children
  • partner with educators to empower their children
  • exercise their rights to access community resources in order to equip themselves and their families
  • Interested in Becoming an Empowered Parent? Please Contact Us!

PEP: UBB’s Parent Empowerment Program

Establishing affordable high-quality community based schools in underserved neighborhoods is UBB’s ultimate goal and EMPOWERED PARENTS will be the difference makers in this effort.

PEP is UBB’s platform to meet, engage and connect with parents through a variety of fun hands-on events, educational seminars, small-group discussions and a mentoring program. Addressing physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs and how they affect parenting, shapes the direction of our program.

We rally together as a team and cheer each other on to victory!

PEP Squad Members:

  • Parent Participants and their children
  • Seasoned Parent Mentors
  • Field Experts
  • Program Coordinator
  • Volunteers

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We host a variety of activities in order to engage, educate and elevate parenting.

  • Fun Hands-On Family Activities Connecting Community
  • Educational Seminars for Parents
  • Small-Group Setting
  • Parent Mentoring

Join the SQUAD! Be a Volunteer today!

  • Be a Mentor and partner with a parent
  • Share foundational life skills and strategies
  • Train the Tiny Team and work with children
  • Share your expertise in the areas of health and nutrition, pre-natal care, education, emotional health, biblical parenting and more.
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